And we’re back

After a period of relative inactivity, the Lost Children net label is back here at wordpress and we have a few new released in the works.

We’ve been going steady with the LCNL Mix series over at A CLOSER LISTEN.  No. 69 is going live next week, but you can check out the entire archive here, and many of those are available for stream AND download at our soundcloud page.

Coming up we’ll also have a new release from Jamblu.  More on that very soon.

We have released very few records over the last few years, but you can check those out at bandcamp. Those include, from most recent:

this duo from the west coast of Canada put together this analogue synth chill out session

JOHN 3:16From Darkness, Comes Light
what began as a mix became something wholly original and engrossing, worthy of its own release

produced by joseph sannicandro (thenewobjective) and zachary corsa (lost trail), this ACL compilation brings together a variety of artists working with drone, noise, and more, striking a foreboding ambiance

American GreenThe White Mists Became A Bright Light
returning to Lost Children this producer graces us with more of his lovely take on ambient electronics and post-rock

thenewobjectiveLe Maître Ignorant
lo-fi tracks made utilizing field-recordings, cheap effects pedals, samples, and various instruments

More at our bandcamp, including 3 compilations and some new installments from LCNL veterans.

Thanks for listening.  More soon,


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