wecollectskies – Adventures of the Lost

“I don’t really have a bio for it, apart from that it’s a collection of tracks that were lost on my old comp”

Great words from Josh Elliott, mastermind of wecollectskies’ electronic progressive post-rock metal hybrid sound. Yeah, that many genres. Some more (and better) words from Josh :

“wecollectskies has been a venture for just over a year. From one to three members but we see everyone as a element or member. To many emotions, tears, sweat, blood and pride have always gone into it, but it has made it what it is today. The same moral principles from the very start have been kept; “to make music we/I want to hear and what is individual to the heart”. We choose never to collect an ego, status, follow trends or scenes and we are still the same people and that will always continue. From one member to more members, we will always be us whether its one or two/three/four left standing. We have made some amazing friends, on and off the internet/stage that we will always regard as the closest and the people that inspire us. The internet is a small fraction of what we do and believe in, but every comment, message, add, blog etc…means a lot. We really appreciate any help or advice and always will!”

Tracklisting :
1. I Am With The Lost
2. And Now I’m Found
3. Sail To The Wind
4. What Dreams May Come
5. Interlude
6. Captain We Are Sinking
7. We Collect Skies
8. Four Letter Stride
9. Red Letter Day
10. We Will Make It Home
11. The Start of The End

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Magnets : Magnets

What does Magnets sound like? Imagine, if you will, Don Caballero and Tortoise having a baby. At age ten, after seeing his parents killed in a tragic trapeze accident, Steve Reich adopted the child as his ward, and secretly trained him to be his partner in crime-fighting. Upon reaching puberty, the young band fell hopelessly in love, and shared it’s most precious gift. Though Fugazi was a tender and generous lover, society wasn’t ready to accept their love, and the romance was doomed. In college, Magnets took a part time job with Miles Davis. It paid minimum wage, and provided no health insurance. Now, in 2008, the Denton, Texas based trio of John Gillespie, David Willerton, and Jonathan Losasso strive to make compelling and exciting music by melding traditional rock elements with more unorthodox compositional ideas.

Tracklisting :
1. Will to Flower
2. I Know What Five Does to Numbers
3. Jewelry, Such as Memory
4. Never Ape an Ape-Man

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American Green : Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears

My artist name is “American Green”. It is one of my favorite colours. I started composing music with DAW a few years ago. I played as a drummer in a band before that. This is my first EP. Electric guitar, the keyboard, and other machine parts were used for this EP. I love music such as Post-Rock, Electronica, Ambient, Alternative, Bossa Nova, Emo, Melodic Core, and more. I hope to be making music after this EP that is warmer and more analog. And, I am also producing music by a band called “blend ables”. All of my music project are only available via the Internet at the moment.

About the EP :
1.Leaves And Drops
An easy tune which leads into “Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears” and makes it an easy listen. Therefore, the BPM of these tunes was made the same.
2.Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears
This tune is an anti-war tune. I hope for peace.
3.Dance Around April Petals
This tune is Inspired by cherry blossoms.
4.Neighborhood(memo rec.)
I recorded this tune to not forget the phrase hit upon momentarily.
5.Noon And Terracotta
Even I am surprised because a mechanical sound like this works surprisingly well for this tune.
6.The Last Home Room Hour
This tune was made when graduating from my high school and imagining the sound.
This tune is influenced by bossa nova. I did not think that this tune would become so close to pop. And, the flower language of the marigold “lives”. The concept is “Happy life” , “Pleasure where it lives”.

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Stellardrive : ERS-3

Recorded in the Summer of 2008, ‘ERS-3’ is the third EP from the French outfit following both previous releases on Lost Children and again contains quality guitar-driven instrumental post-rock whilst expanding upon the formula with the use of keyboards, electronics and the clarinet.

‘ERS-3’ is a nice progression from the earlier releases whilst remaining resolutely Stellardrive, this time the instruments are given more space to breath and grow, mixing in their trademark driving riffs with delicate interplay and allowing the less conventional instruments to shine through more reflective moments. This, in addition to the perfect production, makes ERS-3 a stunning EP release.

Tracklisting :
1. Terraforming
2. Space Is There (For People Who Can See It)
3. Ecotone
4. Conversation

Download from / torrent.

Also, the first two Stellardrive EPs and bonus material are being collated for a physical release as ‘Omega Point’ from October, so please visit their website for more details and purchase a copy to help them out if you enjoy their material!

Charts and Maps : Enemies of C. Frias

Los Angeles based indie-jazz/math-rock (though subtly defiant of both terms)band Charts and Maps have released a 4 song EP, titled “Enemies of C.Frias”. Working with engineer/producer Chris Schlarb (whose solo projects and free-jazz duo I Heart Lung are released through Sufjan Steven’s Asthmatic Kitty records), the band have managed to further hone their sound while losing none of the adventurous flair of their previous releases.

Characterized by unrestrained song structure, a keen ear for new aesthetic, and an unabashed ability to throw a looping curveball in the form of a key change or time signature switch, Charts and Maps still make music for people who understand music, but have developed upon their ability to blend the aforementioned with catchy and grooving hooks. Their music is intrinsically unclassifiable, roving between genres, tied together by stylistic nuances–categorized by their uncategorizability (yeah, it’s a word, apparently), as much as anything else. Instead of losing themselves in heady concept, as many bands with this kind introduction do, Charts and Maps are unequivocally listenable and sonically pleasant. Take a listen for yourself.

As key members of Heard.of.Elephants, an art/music collective that has been gathering praise, acclaim, and following in the Los Angeles area recently for their forward-thinking stance on showgoing (mixing art, music, film, and sociality into one convenient event), Charts and Maps have taken their live show to a new level. Adding Jay Watford on guitar and Mike Allison on Sax, the band’s energy is unmistakable. The affair is a lot more raucous than one would imagine when listening to the intricacy of the music.

Tracklisting :
1. Pearl Divers of the Arabian Peninsula
2. Herd of Elephants
3. The Sheriff Suspects Arson (ii)
4. In the Town of Machine

Download from here.

Part Rocket : In Limine

After two years, we welcome the return of Part Rocket with their third release ‘In Limine’, following on from their ‘Kneel Before the Throne and Drink the Blood of your Own’ EP, also available on Lost Children, and the ‘Good Bye Morning Satellite’ EP available at

Continuing along the leftfield-path-less-trod, Part Rocket’s instrumental music takes influence from the tight and rhythmic structures of math rock and incorporates the delicacy, emotion and melody of latter day post-rock overlaying varying ideas and dynamics to produce another unique alternative release.

Tracklisting :
1. Cut Short by the Whip
2. Have Bullet, Will Bury
3. Tambora Blankets the Earth
4. Rocket Party
5. How We Roll

Download from here.

The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 9

Two years ago The Silent Ballet magazine and the Lost Children Net Label joined forces with the goal of providing a quarterly compilation that operated outside the boundaries of genre stereotypes, consistently promoted new and emerging artists, and released exclusive tracks into the public. Nine compilations later, we’d like to think that this venture has been a success; over one hundred artists have graciously lent a track to a compilation, the series has been downloaded over 70,000 times, and we’ve received great feedback from readers and musicians alike about discovering a new favorite band thanks to the series.

The future looks just as bright as ever. We’re currently planning the tenth volume of the series and we do hear the demands to make these compilations available in physical form. While on one hand we do enjoy the fact that the series is 100% free and does no harm to the environment, we are currently exploring a few projects that may result in a physical CD being created at some point in the future. If there’s one thing you can count on us for, it’s being spontaneous.

As always, a big thanks goes out to all the artists and labels who made this project possible. Relevant links can be found below where your support for their music can be demonstrated. Until next time…

Tracklisting :
1. The Dead Sea – Nulla Desiderata
2. Olafur Arnalds – Fok
3. Anoice – Glitch
4. Bersarin Quartett – Mehr Als Alles Andere
5. Emanuele Errante – Fecunda
6. Peter Broderick – Atlantic
7. The Abbasi Brothers – The Social Evening (In 1992)
8. Sumner McKane – Doris
9. Cam Butler – I Surrender
10. Redhooker – Telling Time
11. Bosques de mi Mente – Nubes Apiladas en Forma de Montaas
12. Rudi Arapahoe – Conversation Piece
13. Joe Frawley – Sketches from Memory

Download from here.

The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 8

After several compilations romping through various related fields, Volume VIII returns to what this compilation series began with in Volume I, bringing the post-rock hits. The current edition brings together tracks from some current albums we’re enjoying at the TSB headquarters and ones that should be making some huge waves come the fall. It’s a compilation we’re proud of and are confident our readers will find enjoyable.

We graciously thank all artists and labels who made this compilation possible. Hopefully all who find this venture worthwhile will look into supporting these artists in whichever way possible. It is our support which enables them to continue creating music that they, and we, love.

Tracklististing :
1. upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start – Get to the Chopper
2. MON – Lukrym
3. New Century Classics – Congratulate You, Where?
4. Because of Ghosts – Dreaming is Essential
5. Tulsa Drone – Wise Blood
6. This is Your Captain Speaking – Lullaby
7. Her Name is Calla – New England
8. Mimas – Cats on Fire
9. What Seas What Shores – Rabunda
10. Glissando – With a Kiss and a Tear
11. Il Rumore del Fiore di Carta – Fallen

Download from here.

I Am The Architect : 11

I AM THE ARCHITECT found their place in student-town Muenster (Germany) in autumn 2007. Having a diverse musical background the four members focussed on a certain goal: Finding a unique musical style that relies on Post-Rock, early ninetees Shoegaze and classical music.

Out of this mixture occur songs that are able to combine contrasts. Complexe structures meet catchy melodies, a melancholic atmosphere opens the door for brute soundwalls. No song sounds like the other but nevertheless an intense closeness emerges, especially live!

The music of I AM THE ARCHITECT is not limited by musical boundaries in order to develop a diverse sound which is enriched by instruments like violin, cello or transverse flute. Together with a distinctive basement of keyboards and synthesizers you’ll hear an impressive musical broadness.

In a relatively short period of time the band became an important part in the music scene of their hometown and the area around it. The discrete songs and the passionate live-shows met with high approval by audiences and critics. A highlight has been the support show for THIS WILL DESTROY YOU in April 2008.

Press Reactions:

“I AM THE ARCHITECT from Muenster captivate with their interpretation of Post-Rock with melody and melancholy, but also with outbursts of fury.”

“ I AM THE ARCHITECT manage to balance their masterpiece between noise and an adorable melody, that is smart, that is classy, that is style.”

“…the intent of attaining the lyrical fragility and naive aggression of formations like Aereogramme and Sigur Ros with purely instrumental means and without the pull of their nasal and heavenly vocal pull respectively is much more than just harking back to days of glory, but a mission statement worthy of widespread attention.”

Tracklisting :
1. Quit
2. Remote Control
3. Silence, Silence
4. Solitude

Download from here.

Eric Barnett : Parts

Originally created as a sound installation for an art exhibit, ‘Parts’ is a three-disc set designed to be played on three different cd players at the same time. Each cd player should be set to ‘repeat’ at the end of each disc. As all of the cds are a different length, they will repeat at different times, and an ever-changing sonic landscape should result.

All tracks were recorded live using an electric guitar and various looping / delay pedals.

Tracklisting :
Disc 1 – Tracks 1 to 11
Disc 2 – Tracks 1 to 10
Disc 3 – Tracks 1 to 10

Download from here.

From The Sky : A Warm Place With No Memory

‘A Warm Place With No Memory’ is From The Sky’s third release and displays a huge progression from their previous work, upping the complexity and ambition whilst retaining the melodic hooks, short compositions and detailed structure which sets them apart in the Post-Rock landscape.

Multiple influences combine to produce a cohesive yet varied EP, from melodic passages to heavy riffs, rhythmic math to soaring post-rock noise. ‘A Warm Place….’ shifts from pin-drop quiet to crashing distortion encompassing everything in between and is definitely From The Sky’s best release so far.

Tracklisting :
1. Delusions of Grandeur
2. She Who Stares
3. To The Friend I Once Knew
4. Lost In The Woods

Download from here.

Moya : Die Hard

“Mozart + Mono, Chopin + Clann Zu, Dvorak + Do Make Say Think, Grieg + Godspeed You! Black Emperor = Moya”

Moya is a one-man musical project. It started in spring 2005 in Belarus by 19-years Vasil Maronau. Moya’s music is changing and will be changing. ‘Die Hard’ is the second release from Moya on Lost Children and includes the high quality video for the song ‘Die Hard’ which was directed by Denis Markin, featuring actor Eugenii Peschyr.

Tracklisting :
1. Die Hard
2. Light On Bald Mountain
3. Hyundai (Piano Sonata)
4. Stabat Mater
5. Le Sacre Du Printemps
6. Adagio
7. Santana Claus
8. Alcoholics’ Song
9. Malera
10. Monnnight
11. Awakening
12. Improvesation (I)
13. Modern (II)
14. 21-12
15. Hard Die
16. Die Hard : Video

Download from here.

The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 7

Volume VII gathers fifteen artists from around the world to bring you
what we believe is our most exciting compilation yet. Unlike previous eorts,
our winter compilation focuses almost entirely on solo projects and musical
duos, primarily pulling from the digital realm of experimentation. Free from
compromise, these artists are capable of embracing every last whim, and this
spontaneity and energy is readily on display. We hope our readers enjoy
these musicians as much as we do.

We graciously thank all artists and labels who made this compilation possible.
Hopefully all who find this venture worthwhile will look into supporting
these artists in whichever way possible. It is our support which enables them
to continue creating music they that, and we, love.

Tracklisting :
1. Millimetrik featuring Port-Royal – Les Artefacts du Futur
2. The Ansion – I Spell Weird, Wierd
3. Boy is Fiction – Heart and Powder
4. Glowworm – The Captive
5. Beneva Vs. Clark Nova – 88 Kilos of Excrement
6. Parachutes – Your Stories
7. d rradio – So Long
8. Arms and Sleepers – Butterflycatcher
9. Juxta Phona featuring Offthesky – Trust Roullette
10. Arctic Hospital – Northern Wish
11. Cheju – Spools (Rewound)
12. Akira Kosemura – It’s on Everything
13. Celer – Unreleased Theme for a Film
14. Tsukimono – Oh Patti Smith, When Will You Let Me Go

Download from here.

Roncatto Braathen : Victory Advancement and Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires

Roncatto Braathen is an ambient post-rock duo based in Peterborough, England. They released 2 EPs in 2006, debut Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires, and Victory Advancement, both home –produced and received underground and critical acclaim for it’s mix of various experimental styles, from ambient, post-rock, experimental, and minimal. Both EPs sold out of there limited pressing, and the band are now working on new material for 2008.

“…an inventive, moving and excellent EP with just two band members, making ‘Victory Advancement’ a great example of the benefits of post-rock downsizing.” – Leonard’s Lair webzine

Tracklisting :

Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires
1. Explosions.Fires
2. When He First Appears, He Is
3. San Martin (re-edit)
4. May Grace Be With You In All
5. Oh Captain, My Captain

Victory Advancement
1. The Melody Haunts My Reverie
2. Oh Captain, My Captain
3. Foolishness Is Bound In The Heart Of A Child
4. Fugue
5. Oh Captain (reprise)
6. A Mechanism Buried Inside You

Download from here.

Final Light – Lights Out

‘Lights Out’ is the demo EP release from Final Light aka James Morris and displays a different side to the From The Sky guitarist, an electronic beats fused with classical post-rock side.

Taking inspiration from the glitchy instrumental bands of the West and experimental electronica coming out of the East, Final Light mixes ambient piano and synth string sections underneath driving electronic drums and glitch sounds, showcasing a promising future outside of From The Sky for James.

Download from here.

Josh Elliott : These Stars, Our Flame

‘These Stars, Our Flame’ is the second release from Josh Elliott and expands upon the epic mix of electronic post-rock and classical sounds displayed on his debut EP.

Upping the dramatic and progressive flair of the debut, ‘These Stars, Our Flame’ adds layers of guitars, piano, strings and glitch noises atop a forceful electronic drum base.

There is also a CD version of this release available for £2.50 directly from Josh, at this link :

Download from here.

The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 6

As the year begins to draw itself to a close, we’re wondering how it’s possible that time has passed so quickly at The Silent Ballet over the past ten months. It seems like only yesterday when we were all staring wide-eyed at a brand new year with the biggest hopes for things to come. And even though the year is wrapping up, there’s still much new music to discover and fall in love with.

Volume VI steps back from the post-rock aesthetic and prepares for the impending winter with a diverse collection of tracks that span many genres. We hope a common relaxed theme pervades throughout, one which intrigues the listener but also is capable of accompanying it the multitude of experiences that comprise life’s trials and tribulations. The eclectic roster was selected with precisely this goal in mind.

As always, we ask that our loyal readers do their best to support any artists which many interest them on this compilation. Many thanks go out to the musicians and labels who continually make this series possible. Until next time…

Tracklisting :
1. My Education – Bad Vibrations
2. Last Days – Two Halves of a Line
3. Morning Stalker – Bromden
4. GP 00 – Achromatic
5. Underlapper – Renfeld
6. Strangers Die Every Day – Untitled
7. Building Castles Out of Matchsticks – Smile, Silly Face
8. Beast, Please Be Still – The Guys at the Bar Served Murder for a Nightcap
9. The Shy Trafficker – Ape Will Eat Chicken
10. The Evpatoria Report – Eighteen Robins Road

Download from here

Josh Elliott : In Light Passing

Josh Elliott is a solo artist whose debut EP ‘In Light Passing’ is a powerful, dramatic and emotional blend of sweeping pianos and Glitch loops mixing a classical style with technical progressive music.

Extending from the interludes he performs as part of April Dead and remixing for other artists, Josh has created an Instrumental EP which fans of 65daysofstatic, Maybeshewill and Nine Inch Nails’ more dramatic moments should enjoy.

Tracklisting :
1. Your Hate Love
2. You Can Breathe
3. A Fall To Take Us
4. With this Flame

Download from here.

Moya : Honey Demo

Moya is the ambient works project from Vasil Maronau and ‘Honey Demo’ builds upon the progress from his earlier demos, which are also available for free download from the Moya website

Incorporating classical structures and instruments alongside electronica, Moya creates atmospheric piano-lead compositions with delicate interludes sitting alongside pulsing post-rock tracks for a varied and progressive classical release.

Tracklisting :
1. Introduction
2. Any
3. Nogturne
4. 126-03
5. SP0000
6. Waltz Cvetnih
7. Cydni Etude
8. Friday 113
9. 5tet
10. Hovanschina
11. Op.102
12. James Bomond
13. Op.103
14. Trip tiz
15. Nogturnechik
16. Postlude #8
17. Outroduction

Download from here.

The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 5

Volume 5 is presented during a time when it’s so hot at TSB headquarters that we can barely move, except to scurry over to the refrigerator to get another beer. It’s with that in mind that we bring the latest in our ever expanding compilation series, unearthing new talent and providing exclusive tracks before they hit the streets. The Summer edition is particularly enticing, containing more unreleased material than we know what to do with.

So sit back, pop a cold one, and enjoy the sounds of the newest compilation, courtesy of all the fine artists and labels involved in the project. Don’t hesitate to empty your wallets buying them new cars, just be sure to save enough to keep your fridge well stocked.

Tracklisting :
1. Conclamo – Vortex Dancing
2. El Ten Eleven – Living On Credit Blues
3. Loser Superhero – Patriote 3
4. Red Light Chamber Choir – Strangers in Matching Suits
5. This is a Process of Still Life – Land Has Never Seemed Further
6. immanu el – Panda
7. Cue – Forest of Pencil Pierced Children
8. One Starving Day – Aurora
9. Souvenir’s Young America – Invocation in the Caldera
10. The Dukes of Leisure – Time Must Have a Stop
11. Hermitage – Glass
12. City of a Hundred Spires – Innisfallen
13. Omega Massif – Uter Null

Download from here.

Other great Net Label Releases

Milhaven – bars closing down
Milhaven – I.M. Wagner

Milhaven are a postrock-band from Bochum that comes up with heavy guitar-drones. Comparable to mogwai or do make say think, these guys combine the groove and harsh power of noiserock with unearthly beautiful melodies. No need for a vocalist when you’re able to let your guitars sing!

French Teen Idol – French Teen Idol

Further confounding the frontier between electronica and post-rock, French Teen Idol weaves a fabric of intricate piano figures, impassioned sequences and intriguing samples. Meticulous harmonies and a fine sense of dynamics pervade this self-titled debut album.

sleepmakeswaves : sleepmakeswaves

sleepmakeswaves are a four piece Australian band from Sydney and this is their demo EP, a precursor to a full EP due to be recorded in the second part of this year.

The band mix their influences of driving instrumental rock music with the epic post-rock sound and add in a slight touch of electronics in these two songs which provide a nice teaser of what we may expect in the future as sleepmakeswaves grow.

Tracklisting :
1. One day you will teach me to let go of my fears
2. By moving the stars I have found where you are hiding

Download from here.

Double Handsome Dragons : Double Handsome Dragons 1

We drink tea out of dirty mugs and wish that our hands were warmer. We have to fight daily with potted plants and lawnmowers to get to our instruments. Sometimes they attack us. We have scars. We have a sledgehammer – we smash up old washing machines. The skip is not our friend. We record in bedrooms. We are safe and warm there.


Mr Mitch – Drums and Programmings / Electricity Mitchell – Guitars / Axl Moore – Bass and Hand Piano / The Danimal – Guitars

Track list:

An introduction of sorts
We struggled, they won. Repeat.
I saw Simon dance
Bus trips
Goat & chicken, best of friends
When the rodent attacks…

Recorded in our den May/June 2007

Tracklisting :
1. An introduction of sorts
2. We struggled, they won. repeat
3. I saw Simon dance
4. Bus Trips
5. Goat & Chicken, best of friends
6. When the rodent attacks…

Download from here.

The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 4

With Spring in full season in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer just around the corner, The Silent Ballet and Lost Children Net Label present the fourth volume in the the ever evolving Silent Ballet Compilation series. Volume IV focuses on the upbeat energy and feelings that surround this irresistible season, as well as the laid back spirit that accompanies late night stargazing and the freedom intrinsically tied with the first day of Summer vacation.

Additionally, Volume IV continues the tradition of showcasing new, innovative artists emerging onto the larger global scene. Many of these acts are supporting self-released CDs, and we strongly encourage listeners to delve deeper into those musicians that pique an interest. It is through your support that the community thrives.

As the compilation series expands, we at The Silent Ballet are always looking for ways to keep it an exciting experience for our listeners. Within the span of time between this release and the next, The Silent Ballet will turn one year old, and to celebrate we are happy to announce that the second year of our existence will see the release of a physical compilation. Of course, this won’t be just any normal CD, but at this point in time we are not at liberty to divulge more than that….

Tracklisting :
1. Signal Hill – This New Year’s Absence
2. Scraps of Tape – Hands in Air
3. The Bird Ensemble – Part I, Number 4
4. pg.lost – Yes I Am
5. Giants – The Palace Stands in its Proper Place
6. Beware of Safety – O’Canada
7. Amplifier Machine – Her Mouth is an Outlaw
8. Balmorhea – If You Only Knew the Rain
9. Destroyalldreamers – A Summer Without You
10. California Stories Uncovered – Untitled 1
11. Parhelia – Hindsight
12. Tunturia – Cast Shadows on Clouds
13. The Weak Men – We Fell Asleep: Abdomen

Download from here.