Lost Children in the Media

19/04/2009Interview with
30/01/2009Jose Maria Carrasco on Spanish National Radio 3 show dedicated to Lost Children artists.
20/12/2008Phlow – Top Releases of the Year
11/11/2007Lost Highways Interview

Research into the technical and social theories of netlabels

Have come across a very interesting article on netlabels from Bram Timmers of the University of Utrecht (via Hungary), who is performing ‘academic research into the netlabel scene and its social and technical consequences for our reality and putting it in perspective with the open content movement.’ The PDF below provides a nice introduction to the netlabel scene, it’s history and some of the motives associated with the community.

The Future of Music Distribution

Although I don’t fully agree with all the points made, and acknowledge the logistics and finance for artists still need to be worked out, the article below is a great piece of writing on the current state of the music industry.

Please take special note of : 2. Support Artists Directly. Incorporate in the support of Independent labels, promoters, artists and webzines who channel their profits back into the music scene as a whole or work for little no funds and we might be getting somewhere.

 Also share this article around. The changes can only happen from the ground up.