Johnny Poindexter : Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces

Johnny Poindexter started in 2001 as a bedroom project for Gavin, Simon and ex-bassist Nigel, who lived in a village near Bradford. things started small, doing limited release ep’s and various things.

‘Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces’ was made, and as it was being finished, more members joined the band, and johnny poindexter became the experimental.post-rock six piece it is now based in Leeds.

Joining the band in random stages, Johnny Poindexter looks like this- up front doing all the singing is Jamie Sidebottom, playing guitars are Gavin Miller and Tom Ragsdale, on drums is Andy Harvey, on keyboards and synths is Simon Glacken and playing bass is Leon Spencer.

“this is a deep, dark record that should please followers of obscure Factory records whilst the more modern, haunting soundscapes should ensnare a new generation of miserablists.” – Leonard’s Lair.co.uk

“Place Your Trust in Empty Spaces sounds like a post rock dream run through a shoegazers nightmare. It’s atmospheric and haunting, yet textured and tuneful. This is the sort of record that flirts with the unknown and then processes the results through 8,000 pedals. Perhaps Johnny Poindexter is a bit like Love Lies Crushing but most of the time, the band is in a post-whatever league of its own.” Paul Zimmerman – First Coast News

Tracklisting :
1. 2.5.4 Repeater
2. We Meet By Accident
3. Place Your Trust In Empty Spaces
4. Empty Shores on Desolate Beaches
5. Madeline
6. Headswim
7. In Every Language There Is Or Ever Was
8. Audrey Tautou
9. This Is Just A Small Step Forward
10. G Repeater
11. (We Sing With) American Accents
12. What Are You Doing For Christmas, Satan?
13. You Lost Your Faith In People

Download from here.