Loss of a Child : Hundred Million Angels

‘Hundred Million Angels’ is the fourth release from Loss of a Child, following on from the three albums all previously released on Lost Children. A single track clocking in at just over 20 minutes qualifies ‘Hundred Million Angels’ as an EP but the lack of repetition and wide breath of ideas ensure that this EP is in no way short-changing anyone, experimental through its strict structure and detailed song writing as opposed to the freedom and improvisation of many instrumental acts.

Complex instrumentation hidden beneath simple ideas, dynamism created within the melodies in addition to volume, and the standard multi-instrumental Loss of a Child approach providing many hidden melodic passages requiring repeat listening to find and understand, but each proving that the obvious is not necessarily the best when it comes to musical depth.

There is also a FLAC version of ‘Hundred Million Angels’ available for those audiophiles who appreciate the dynamic range of music aided by the deft under-production. Download from here : Hundred Million Angels FLAC version.

Tracklisting :
1. Hundred Million Angels

Download from here.

From The Sky : A Warm Place With No Memory

‘A Warm Place With No Memory’ is From The Sky’s third release and displays a huge progression from their previous work, upping the complexity and ambition whilst retaining the melodic hooks, short compositions and detailed structure which sets them apart in the Post-Rock landscape.

Multiple influences combine to produce a cohesive yet varied EP, from melodic passages to heavy riffs, rhythmic math to soaring post-rock noise. ‘A Warm Place….’ shifts from pin-drop quiet to crashing distortion encompassing everything in between and is definitely From The Sky’s best release so far.

Tracklisting :
1. Delusions of Grandeur
2. She Who Stares
3. To The Friend I Once Knew
4. Lost In The Woods

Download from here.

Roncatto Braathen : Victory Advancement and Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires

Roncatto Braathen is an ambient post-rock duo based in Peterborough, England. They released 2 EPs in 2006, debut Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires, and Victory Advancement, both home –produced and received underground and critical acclaim for it’s mix of various experimental styles, from ambient, post-rock, experimental, and minimal. Both EPs sold out of there limited pressing, and the band are now working on new material for 2008.

“…an inventive, moving and excellent EP with just two band members, making ‘Victory Advancement’ a great example of the benefits of post-rock downsizing.” – Leonard’s Lair webzine

Tracklisting :

Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires
1. Explosions.Fires
2. When He First Appears, He Is
3. San Martin (re-edit)
4. May Grace Be With You In All
5. Oh Captain, My Captain

Victory Advancement
1. The Melody Haunts My Reverie
2. Oh Captain, My Captain
3. Foolishness Is Bound In The Heart Of A Child
4. Fugue
5. Oh Captain (reprise)
6. A Mechanism Buried Inside You

Download from here.

Final Light – Lights Out

‘Lights Out’ is the demo EP release from Final Light aka James Morris and displays a different side to the From The Sky guitarist, an electronic beats fused with classical post-rock side.

Taking inspiration from the glitchy instrumental bands of the West and experimental electronica coming out of the East, Final Light mixes ambient piano and synth string sections underneath driving electronic drums and glitch sounds, showcasing a promising future outside of From The Sky for James.

Download from here.

Josh Elliott : These Stars, Our Flame

‘These Stars, Our Flame’ is the second release from Josh Elliott and expands upon the epic mix of electronic post-rock and classical sounds displayed on his debut EP.

Upping the dramatic and progressive flair of the debut, ‘These Stars, Our Flame’ adds layers of guitars, piano, strings and glitch noises atop a forceful electronic drum base.

There is also a CD version of this release available for £2.50 directly from Josh, at this link : http://joshelliott.bigcartel.com.

Download from here.

Josh Elliott : In Light Passing

Josh Elliott is a solo artist whose debut EP ‘In Light Passing’ is a powerful, dramatic and emotional blend of sweeping pianos and Glitch loops mixing a classical style with technical progressive music.

Extending from the interludes he performs as part of April Dead and remixing for other artists, Josh has created an Instrumental EP which fans of 65daysofstatic, Maybeshewill and Nine Inch Nails’ more dramatic moments should enjoy.

Tracklisting :
1. Your Hate Love
2. You Can Breathe
3. A Fall To Take Us
4. With this Flame

Download from here.

Sidearm : Don’t Cry Help Until You’re Dead

Band members:


“Don’t cry help until you’re dead” – words said by the pond on a beautiful summers evening; words that would christen our debut EP. These 5 songs come from two separate recording sessions in 2003/2004. These sessions were some of the best fun we’ve had in our lives. The best times however are when we have the opportunity to play these songs to appreciative folk at various small and intimate venues across the UK.

Someone said this about us once:

“Melodic jump-drop indie crash-out”

We like that description. But have a listen and make up your own mind. Because that’s what we do it for.

Much love

Tracklisting :
1. Follow Augustus, He’s Going To Be King
2. Precede the Map
3. Peach Garden
4. Jeremy’s Parking Only
5. Victim Junkie

Download from here.

sleepmakeswaves : sleepmakeswaves

sleepmakeswaves are a four piece Australian band from Sydney and this is their demo EP, a precursor to a full EP due to be recorded in the second part of this year.

The band mix their influences of driving instrumental rock music with the epic post-rock sound and add in a slight touch of electronics in these two songs which provide a nice teaser of what we may expect in the future as sleepmakeswaves grow.

Tracklisting :
1. One day you will teach me to let go of my fears
2. By moving the stars I have found where you are hiding

Download from here.

Double Handsome Dragons : Double Handsome Dragons 1

We drink tea out of dirty mugs and wish that our hands were warmer. We have to fight daily with potted plants and lawnmowers to get to our instruments. Sometimes they attack us. We have scars. We have a sledgehammer – we smash up old washing machines. The skip is not our friend. We record in bedrooms. We are safe and warm there.


Mr Mitch – Drums and Programmings / Electricity Mitchell – Guitars / Axl Moore – Bass and Hand Piano / The Danimal – Guitars

Track list:

An introduction of sorts
We struggled, they won. Repeat.
I saw Simon dance
Bus trips
Goat & chicken, best of friends
When the rodent attacks…

Recorded in our den May/June 2007

Tracklisting :
1. An introduction of sorts
2. We struggled, they won. repeat
3. I saw Simon dance
4. Bus Trips
5. Goat & Chicken, best of friends
6. When the rodent attacks…

Download from here.

Stellardrive : ERS-2

Programmed in 2005, Stellardrive only takes off in 2006 after the crew has been modified, shipping onboard pilots familiar with interstellar space, since some of them used to work on other spaceships such as Aside From A Day (mission planned on 2008) and Gantz which has crashed since. Therefor, the number of hours of flight is not to be counted. The five Stellardrivers [Steph /drums | Florian /guitar & clarinet | Nicolas /guitar | Sebastien / bass & machine | Jean-Charles / guitar & keyboards ] keep on discovering unexplored galactic landscapes, as beautiful as various. Please note that the vocal commands have been voluntary deactivated from the take-off to let enough space for the sound particles caught during the trip. Lead by satelites such as Explosion In The Sky, Red Sparowes and Mono, the spaceship also uses the coordonates left by supernovas such as Mogwai, The Mars Volta, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and so many others. The dark and intimate spaces let suspect huge galaxies, bringing the passengers far from the solar system for a while.

The second EP ‘ERS-2’ was recorded during march 2007 @ Le cube by Yann Morel, Cyril Hentzen and Sebastien Descamps, and is a great progression from the first EP, taking the huge guitar sound and epic song structure then adding big melodic hooks to their new brand of instrumental rock.

Tracklisting :
1. Departure
2. Sagittarius A
3. Turbulences (A nice day to see all the damages done)

Download from here.

Scissor Lock : Above and Below

Scissor Lock is various instruments by Marcus Whale forming music which is most of the time post-rock but sometimes kind of ambient to kind of accesible electronica to kind of drone to intuition music.

recorded and edited by Marcus Whale during 2006
all songs written and performed by Marcus Whale
except “Fractions”, written and performed by Marcus Whale and David Bruce
photography and layout by Marcus Whale
Tracklisting :
1. Below
2. Knives For Christ
3. Fractions
4. Entropy
5. Above
6. Summer Rain
7. Here Is Your Gas Mask
8. Looking To The Stars

Download from here.

Stray Borders : Deletive Expleted

Stray Borders are a Welsh quartet who make “slow-burning, mathematically precise alt-rock experiments that strongly recall the shrill distortion barrages of Sonic Youth”.

‘Deletive Expleted’ is their debut self made and released EP and combines the mathematic elegance of Slint, with the American Alternative Rock of the late 80’s and the subtle, melodic flair of the Smashing Pumpkins. Highly Recommended!

Organ Art‘s ‘Demo of the Week’
Just nice, nice breezy refreshing, clever, uncluttered, simple, uplifting. Stray Borders are from Cardiff, they’re warm and refined, they’re mostly instrumental and when they do bring in the vocals they’re refined and unobtrusive and balanced just right. Stray Borders are a well balance band, I guess you could say they do indeed stray that border between delicate guitar indieness and slightly (very slightly) raw understated post-rock. Ah look we have to mention GodspeedYBE again (not so obvious as most of the others though) and Slint and they’re dipping in to the same waters as the rather fine Truckers Of Husk and Leave The Capital – there’s something happening in those Cardiff waters, it’s almost weekly now – FTS100, those Mayors Of Miyazaki… Stray Borders caress, where have they been, where’d they hide? The sparseness of the vocals add, when they do come in they have a real emotional impact. Three fine progressive tracks, with the eight minutes of “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” just about winning out (close thing though, all three tracks are rather fine). Nice artwork as well, fine hand made block print cover – a band who clearly care

Tracklisting :
1. I Don’t Mind Waiting
2. We Placed Our Lives In The Hands Of Traffic Lights
3. In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

Download from here.

Stellardrive : ERS-1

Formed during summer 2005 with a new line up during summer 2006, Stellardrive is an instrumental noisy post-rock band from France. Their first EP was recorded during December 2005 at “le Pavillon”.

Tracklisting :
1. Resonances
2. What Everyone Can See Through The Window
3. Magnetic Drum Calculator
4. Inlandsix

Download from here.

Transit : Broadleaves vs Conifers

Transit are four Belgian post-rocking ornithologists, Jeroen (guitar), Toon (bass), Koen (drums) and Nick (guitar), with a passion for nature, emotions and all kinds of music. This is more or less the essence of Transit; more words about us would just be tiresome; so we just hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy playing it!

This is the first EP release and should you wish to purchase a physical copy of the EP please contact the band at contact@transit-band.be for further instructions. Currently playing lives shows around Belgium, you can get a preview of the show with a video here.

Tracklisting :
1. Pilot’s Handbook
2. Matacabras
3. Matorral
4. Reflections upon the Asfalt
5. Long Song

Download from here.

Transit : Harmattan


Transit are four Belgian post-rocking ornithologists, Jeroen (guitar), Toon (bass), Koen (drums) and Nick (guitar), with a passion for nature, emotions and all kinds of music. This is more or less the essence of Transit; more words about us would just be tiresome; so we just hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy playing it!

‘˜Harmattan’™ is no more than a demo we recorded in our rehearsal room using only 6 mics (lo-fi, old school; and actually broke at that moment :), but more will come in November when we release our first EP.

Tracklisting :
1. Maza
2. Long Song
3. Matorral

Download from here.

Part Rocket : Kneel Before the Throne and Drink the Blood of your Own

Part Rocket is a musical collective born in Cardiff and now residing in London. They produce leftfield instrumental music, remaining true to the experimental nature of post-rock, weaving from quiet and rhythmic, to full on intense and distorted mayhem whilst melodies come and go as they please.

‘Kneel Before the Throne and Drink the Blood of your Own’ is the second EP from Part Rocket, the first ‘Good Bye Morning Satellite’ is available from their website www.partrocket.com.

Tracklisting :
1. Midnight in Some Burning Tower
2. Cosby, Bills and Cash

Download from here.