The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 16

The Silent Ballet: Volume 16

Volume 16 marks the completion of the fourth year of The Silent Ballet Compilation Series. Throughout the series we have discovered a lot of noteworthy acts, rekindled the flame with old favorites, and watched the development of multiple musical scenes right before our eyes. We’re just as optimistic and excited about the future as we were four years ago, and every new release makes us as giddy as ever.

This edition is a first for the series; Volume 16 is the first compilation to contain a video track. Our gratitude goes out to The Sleepy Vines, who made this possible and has perhaps opened a door that will be investigated in the future.

A big thanks goes out to all the artists and labels who made this project possible. Relevant links can be found below; any support is greatly appreciated.

Jordan Volz
The Silent Ballet

Barry Rogers
Lost Children Net Label

Tracklisting :

1. The Porcelain Sea – Apart
2. Ous Mal – Marraskuu
3. Aquarelle – At the Seams (Version)
4. Jannick Schou – Part II (Session 1)
5. The Sleepy Vines – Kelp Forest
6. Acorn Falling – Shattering Surface
7. Bas Van Huizen – Kluwekracht IV
8. Ambassador Etc. – Life Flashes
9. Haruka Nakamura – Evening Prayer
10. Pimmon – Get Up and Tell You Where to Go
11. Clem Leek – Walter
12. The Best Pessimist – The Sea, The Night, The Stars,
The Light

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Final Light – Further Than You Think

‘Further Than You Think’ is the second album from James Morris under his Final Light guise, following two years on from his Lost Children debut album, ‘To Stop an Exploding Man…’, displaying increased maturity and depth in both song writing and production.

Beautiful piano lines interspersed amongst glitched beats, layered with delicate guitar lines, subtle samples and electronic, synth-like sounds to produce an often haunting, always harmonious and graceful soundscape. A great achievement and huge progression in such short time.

Tracklisting :
1. The Journey
2. Floating on a Cloud
3. Somewhere in an Alternate Universe
4. …You Still Don’t Understand
5. I Know Now Why You Cry
6. Return Journey

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The Silent Ballet Compilation – Volume 14

Fall 2009 – Winter 2010

As is becoming tradition around these parts, Volume 14 and 15 will be released in close proximity to one another. Each compilation continues the website’s commitment to spotlighting emerging musicians, featuring upcoming releases, and providing rare tracks from our favorite artists to our readers. Our focus is always on the international level, and we’ll never tire of searching for the next best thing in the most unusual of places. Our goal of a seven continent split is almost within our grasp, we’re just awaiting news of the first penguin-led post-rock group.
We’re also committed to our goal of providing quality music in a respectable format without charge. As one of life’s greatest pleasures, music should be freely available to all and resistant to commodification. As the Lost Children Netlabel looks ready to close in on its one hundredth release in 2010, we at The Silent Ballet are thankful that the label has stuck to its goals and continues to provide excellent music free of charge. Although it may seem like the music industry gets ragged on a lot, if there were more labels like Lost Children around, we think that the music climate would be a much more agreeable place for musicians.
A big thanks goes out to all the artists and labels who made this project possible. Relevant links can be found below; any support is greatly appreciated.

Jordan Volz
The Silent Ballet

Barry Rogers
Lost Children Net Label

Tracklisting :

1. The Sight Below – Fervent
2. The Boats – The Astronaut
3. Glittering Blackness, Fall – III
4. ef – Songs of Ghosts
5. Nice Wings, Icarus! – Eagle
6. Nervous Doll Dancing – Les Pommes
7. Nils Frahm – Because This Must Be
8. Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson – Our Door Handles
9. Charlieshero – Oh, Good Morning
10. Radiant City – Key Control
11. When the Clouds – The Dawn and the Embrace
12. Arrive Alive – It’s Not What You Say It’s How You Say It

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Sleepmakeswaves / Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – split LP

It’s been a while, but good things come to those who wait. Hailing from opposite ends of Australia, Perth’s Tangled Thoughts of Leaving and Sydney’s sleepmakeswaves are proud to present you with a shiny new split LP. It’s a record from two bands that are very different yet one that finds an equilibrium between the seemingly disparate tendencies of the two groups. Although both bands find common ground in their latent electronic influences, sleepmakeswaves marry these ideas to their characteristic brand of energetic and uplifting instrumental rock while Tangled Thoughts of Leaving pursue a relentlessly improvisatory, innovative path. The results are more foreboding yet no less spectacular, and are all the more reason to watch for their debut full lengths, slated for 2010.

Tracklisting :

1. Sleepmakeswaves – Keep Your Splendid Silent Sun
2. Sleepmakeswaves – We Sing The Body Electric
3. Sleepmakeswaves – This Is How We Remember (Secret Robot)
4. Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – A Vexing Predicament
5. Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – The World Is A Deaf Machine

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Inertia Blooms – Cours, Camarade, Le Vieux Monde Est Derriere Toi

Released in 2008 to much critical acclaim, ‘Cours, Camarade…..’ was self recorded in bedrooms and rehearsal spaces between tours. Here are some of the lovely things people have said about it.

‘There are oh so many varied influences within this brilliant little EP, Tool (10,000 Days), Pink Floyd (Dark Side…) and even Deftones (self-titled). For those of you who love not so obvious prog or just something to zone out to I really can’t recommend this enough. 9/10’ – Rockpulse

‘Their mathrock blueprint is fully developed; echoes of Tool, Mogwai and Tortoise run throughout, but there’s a melancholic grandeur about this which is entirely of their own construction. 7/10’ – Teletext/Planet Sound

‘A kind of magic far too rare. You really ought to pick this EP up and, hopefully, experience that magic moment for yourself. This is good stuff, and deserves to be heard. 8/10’ – dieshellsuitdie.co.uk

Tracklisting :

1. Mega Tsunami
2. Pilgrims & Monuments
3. Mexican’t

Download from archive.org / torrent

American Green – Roof To Roof

“Roof To Roof EP” is my second EP.

I think that this EP should be categorized following genres…
Chill-Out, Pop, Electro, Post-Rock, Indietronica, Down-Tempo, Acoustic,
And so on.

I hope you enjoy this EP.

Thank you.

Tracklisting :

1. Rainbow, Puddle, Children
I imaged the situation that children played in a puddle after rain had
2. Roof To Roof
This tune’s theme is “comfortable feeling”.
And, This tune have a lyric.
However, The lyric is strange sentence.
Because, It haven’t personal pronoun.
I want everybody to become a hero or heroine in this lyric.
So, This lyric haven’t such as ” I, my, you, your he, she they….”
And maybe, It is like a itemized form, I think.
3. Lumberjack In The Morning
I imaged the situation that the lumberjack works near his log cabin in
the morning.
4. At The Flowerbed Of My Garden
This tune is like a “Pi Pi Pi” “Pipo Pipo” computer sounds.
And, This tune was inspired by the day when I have planted forget-me-not in my flower bed with my grandma.
5. Talk With The Moon
This tune is very calm.
I image the full moon.
6. Street Trees
This tune may be Indietronica sound.

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The Silent Ballet Compilation – Volume 13

Summer 2009

Volume 13 marks the beginning of the fourth year of The Silent Ballet’s compilation series. Three years ago the first volume was sent out to the world via the Internet, and today we’re still dedicated to bringing our readers exciting, innovative compilations filled with the best and brightest artists from around the globe.

We’ve come a long way since Poetry Without Words, but hopefully the series has shown that the website is unrestrained by genre and is willing to travel to any corner of the world to unearth up-and-coming musicians. Volume 13 feels particularly international, featuring artists from four continents and nine countries, yet also demonstrates that there is something that connects all of us nonetheless.

We’re committed to our goal of providing quality music in a respectable format without charge. As one of life’s greatest pleasures, music should be freely available to all and resistent to commodification. A big thanks goes out to all the artists and labels who made this project possible. Relevant links can be found below; any support is greatly appreciated.

Jordan Volz
The Silent Ballet

Barry Rogers
Lost Children Net Label

Tracklisting :

1. Ben Frost – The Carpathians
2. Amman/Josh – Lukka
3. Panoptique Electrical – Some Rooms Become Us
4. flica – In Dreams
5. Port-Royal – HVA (Failed Revolutions)
6. French Teen Idol – I Want George Soros
7. Manual – Marbella (Live from the Troubadour)
8. Aspidistrafly – Moonlight Shadow
9. Fredricson – Eyeme (Album Edit)
10. Orange Crush: – Last Dawn
11. Elemental Gaze – Love Your Love, Love Your Death
12. Amberhaze – 1994

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The Silent Ballet Compilation – Volume 12

Fall 2008 – Spring 2009

We’ve experienced a bit of a lag time between compilations 9 and 12, as our tri-monthly series has stalled out over the past half of a year. To remedy this situation, volumes 10 through 12 will be released in close proximity to one another. That’s right, three great compilations for the price of, well, nothing!

No sacrifice in quality has been made to make this possible. We continue to pull from the best and brightest artists we know to offer something fresh and provocative. Listeners will notice a contrast of styles between the three volumes; as always, we attempt to introduce something new in every volume. We believe readers of The Silent Ballet will find plenty to celebrate over the four hours of music.

A big thanks goes out to all the artists and labels who made this project possible. Relevant links can be found below where your support for their music can be demonstrated.

Jordan Volz
The Silent Ballet

Barry Rogers
Lost Children Net Label

Tracklisting :

1. Stephane Horeczko – Fugaces
2. Jasper TX – Sky
3. thisquietarmy – Orchestral Dots Under Static
4. Anduin – Lovers in Transit
5. Light Under Water – Awake
6. Cobra-Matic – Braille
7. Autistici – Curet Must be Protected (Little Murmurs Grow into Big Shouts Mix)
8. CJ Boyd – Pensive Pez
9. Sickoakes – Live Demo

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The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volumes 10 & 11

Fall 2008 – Spring 2009

We’ve experienced a bit of a lag time between compilations 9 and 12, as our tri-monthly series has stalled out over the past half of a year. To remedy this situation, volumes 10 through 12 will be released in close proximity to one another. That’s right, three great compilations for the price of, well, zero!

No sacrifice in quality has been made to make this possible. We continue to pull from the best and brightest artists we know to offer something fresh and provocative. Listeners will notice a contrast of styles between the three volumes; as always, we attempt to introduce something new in every volume. We believe readers of The Silent Ballet will find plenty to celebrate over the four hours of music.

A big thanks goes out to all the artists and labels who made this project possible. Relevant links can be found below where your support for their music can be demonstrated.

Jordan Volz
The Silent Ballet

Barry Rogers
Lost Children Net Label

Volume 10 Tracklisting :

1. Saxon Shore – Nothing Changes
2. The Autumn Project – This We Take With Us (Pre-Release Mix)
3. Codes in the Clouds – We Anchor in Hope
4. Gifts from Enola – Aves
5. If These Trees Could Talk – What’s in the Ground Belongs to You
6. Motion Turns it On – Lo Pido Con Piedad
7. Bluebridge Quartet – Untitled
8. Anduin + Jasper TX – A Beam of Light Bends Back Upon Itself
9. Paucity – Kingsley
10. From Monument to Masses – Beyond God and Elvis
11. Absent Sound – Before the Knight is Through

Volume 11 Tracklisting :

1. Rhian Sheehan – Standing in Silence Pt. III
2. Danny Norbury – Entrelacs
3. Sunwrae – Chinook Winds
4. Victory and Good Hunting – Mule Comes Home
5. Lawrence English – Watching it Unfold
6. Alexander Turnquist – We Are Magnets
7. FJORDNE – Vivid Memories
8. Startle the Heavens – Pearl
9. The Soul’s Release – Awake Among the Sleeping
10. Milieu – Amb7 v2
11. ::thinkstandard:: – If You are the One to Take Me Home
12. Library Tapes – Slow-Wave Sleep
13. Rameses III – No Water, No Moon
14. Shoeb Ahmad – Belladonna (Starlight Mix)
15. We All Inherit the Moon – Our Hearts Forever Like the Sun Pt. 1

Download Volume 10 from archive.org / torrent.
Download Volume 11 from archive.org / torrent.

wecollectskies – Adventures of the Lost

“I don’t really have a bio for it, apart from that it’s a collection of tracks that were lost on my old comp”

Great words from Josh Elliott, mastermind of wecollectskies’ electronic progressive post-rock metal hybrid sound. Yeah, that many genres. Some more (and better) words from Josh :

“wecollectskies has been a venture for just over a year. From one to three members but we see everyone as a element or member. To many emotions, tears, sweat, blood and pride have always gone into it, but it has made it what it is today. The same moral principles from the very start have been kept; “to make music we/I want to hear and what is individual to the heart”. We choose never to collect an ego, status, follow trends or scenes and we are still the same people and that will always continue. From one member to more members, we will always be us whether its one or two/three/four left standing. We have made some amazing friends, on and off the internet/stage that we will always regard as the closest and the people that inspire us. The internet is a small fraction of what we do and believe in, but every comment, message, add, blog etc…means a lot. We really appreciate any help or advice and always will!”

Tracklisting :
1. I Am With The Lost
2. And Now I’m Found
3. Sail To The Wind
4. What Dreams May Come
5. Interlude
6. Captain We Are Sinking
7. We Collect Skies
8. Four Letter Stride
9. Red Letter Day
10. We Will Make It Home
11. The Start of The End

Download from archive.org / torrent

American Green : Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears

My artist name is “American Green”. It is one of my favorite colours. I started composing music with DAW a few years ago. I played as a drummer in a band before that. This is my first EP. Electric guitar, the keyboard, and other machine parts were used for this EP. I love music such as Post-Rock, Electronica, Ambient, Alternative, Bossa Nova, Emo, Melodic Core, and more. I hope to be making music after this EP that is warmer and more analog. And, I am also producing music by a band called “blend ables”. All of my music project are only available via the Internet at the moment.

About the EP :
1.Leaves And Drops
An easy tune which leads into “Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears” and makes it an easy listen. Therefore, the BPM of these tunes was made the same.
2.Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears
This tune is an anti-war tune. I hope for peace.
3.Dance Around April Petals
This tune is Inspired by cherry blossoms.
4.Neighborhood(memo rec.)
I recorded this tune to not forget the phrase hit upon momentarily.
5.Noon And Terracotta
Even I am surprised because a mechanical sound like this works surprisingly well for this tune.
6.The Last Home Room Hour
This tune was made when graduating from my high school and imagining the sound.
This tune is influenced by bossa nova. I did not think that this tune would become so close to pop. And, the flower language of the marigold “lives”. The concept is “Happy life” , “Pleasure where it lives”.

Download from archive.org / torrent.

Radius system : Escape / Restart

We’ve been working on this record for almost 3 years. We recorded & mixed it ourselves,
in our Feels Like Home Studio (http://www.myspace.com/flhrecords). For us, this record
is a way to start over as a band, and set new standards to our name. We chose to release
it for free as digital release, because we want the whole world to be able to listen & see it.
So yeah, share it with your friends, through the download link in every place you can, put it
on P2P programs etc… This is an adventure for us, and we’d like everyone to be a part of it !

Each track of the album is associated with an artwork, pointing to a specific moment of the song.
We wanted to give something more than just sounds, and create a whole universe around the album. This is step 1. Step 2 will come in the more distant future (say 2009 ?), as we plan to release a DVD presenting an animated video clip for each track : 46 minutes of film built around the music, plus a few other things probably…

One final thing : because we are very, very happy with this album, we’d like to see it live outside internet & hard drives. If you’re like us, and you still like holding a REAL record in your hands,
taste the REAL uncompressed sound of it in your headphones, feel the printed paper on your fingers…

IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN SEEING A CD or VINYL RELEASE OF “ESCAPE / RESTART”, PLEASE CONTACT US at : greg@radius-system.net // axel@radius-system.net

You never know what might happen next…

Thank you for reading this, we hope you’ll enjoy the ride !


Nous avons travaillé sur cet album pendant presque 3 ans. Nous l’avons enregistré & mixé nous même, dans notre petit “Feels Like Home” Studio (http://www.myspace.com/flhrecords). Pour nous, cet album est une manière de recommencer à 0, et d’établir un nouveaux standard pour notre son. Nous avons choisi de sortir cet album sous forme digitale, et de le mettre en téléchargement gratuit, car nous voulons qu’il soit vécu par le plus grand nombre de personnes possible. L’idée est donc qu’il circule le plus librement possible, et pour cela nous avons besoin de vous… Faites tourner le lien partout où vous pouvez, parlez-en à vos amis, placez-le sur des programmes de téléchargement P2P etc… C’est une aventure pour nous, et nous aimerions que vous en fassiez partie.

Chaque piste de l’album est associée à un artwork, faisant référence à une moment précis du morceau concerné. Nous voulons essayer d’aller au delà de la musique, et créer un univers autour de cet album. Ca, c’est l’étape n°1. L’étape n°2 viendra dans un futur plus lointain (disons 2009 ?), puisque nous projetons de sortir un DVD qui présentera un clip d’animation pour chaque morceau de l’album : au total un film de 46 minutes construit autour de la musique de “Escape / Restart”, et probablement d’autres choses…

Une dernière chose : comme nous sommes vraiment très fiers de cet album, nous aimerions le voir vivre en dehors du virtuel. Si vous êtes comme nous, et que vous aimez tenir un VRAI disque dans vos mains, entendre le VRAI son non-compressé dans votre casque, sentir le papier cartonné sous vos doigts…

SI VOUS ETES INTERESSE PAR UNE SORTIE CD ou VINYL DE “ESCAPE / RESTART”, CONTACTEZ-NOUS à : greg@radius-system.net // axel@radius-system.net

On ne sait jamais ce qui pourrait se passer…

Merci d’avoir lu, et bonne écoute !

Tracklisting :
1. Release Chemicals
2. Bestsellers
3. Monochrome
4. Mental Guides
5. Impulsion Pt.1
6. Into Orbit
7. Impulsion Pt.2
8. Not Coming back

Download from here.

The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 7

Volume VII gathers fifteen artists from around the world to bring you
what we believe is our most exciting compilation yet. Unlike previous eorts,
our winter compilation focuses almost entirely on solo projects and musical
duos, primarily pulling from the digital realm of experimentation. Free from
compromise, these artists are capable of embracing every last whim, and this
spontaneity and energy is readily on display. We hope our readers enjoy
these musicians as much as we do.

We graciously thank all artists and labels who made this compilation possible.
Hopefully all who find this venture worthwhile will look into supporting
these artists in whichever way possible. It is our support which enables them
to continue creating music they that, and we, love.

Tracklisting :
1. Millimetrik featuring Port-Royal – Les Artefacts du Futur
2. The Ansion – I Spell Weird, Wierd
3. Boy is Fiction – Heart and Powder
4. Glowworm – The Captive
5. Beneva Vs. Clark Nova – 88 Kilos of Excrement
6. Parachutes – Your Stories
7. d rradio – So Long
8. Arms and Sleepers – Butterflycatcher
9. Juxta Phona featuring Offthesky – Trust Roullette
10. Arctic Hospital – Northern Wish
11. Cheju – Spools (Rewound)
12. Akira Kosemura – It’s on Everything
13. Celer – Unreleased Theme for a Film
14. Tsukimono – Oh Patti Smith, When Will You Let Me Go

Download from here.

Roncatto Braathen : Victory Advancement and Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires

Roncatto Braathen is an ambient post-rock duo based in Peterborough, England. They released 2 EPs in 2006, debut Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires, and Victory Advancement, both home –produced and received underground and critical acclaim for it’s mix of various experimental styles, from ambient, post-rock, experimental, and minimal. Both EPs sold out of there limited pressing, and the band are now working on new material for 2008.

“…an inventive, moving and excellent EP with just two band members, making ‘Victory Advancement’ a great example of the benefits of post-rock downsizing.” – Leonard’s Lair webzine

Tracklisting :

Be Quiet Or You Will Explode Into Fires
1. Explosions.Fires
2. When He First Appears, He Is
3. San Martin (re-edit)
4. May Grace Be With You In All
5. Oh Captain, My Captain

Victory Advancement
1. The Melody Haunts My Reverie
2. Oh Captain, My Captain
3. Foolishness Is Bound In The Heart Of A Child
4. Fugue
5. Oh Captain (reprise)
6. A Mechanism Buried Inside You

Download from here.

Final Light : To Stop an Exploding Man…

‘To Stop an Exploding Man…’ is the first full length release from Final Light aka James Morris and follows on from his recently released demo EP. Despite the relatively short period of time between releases, ‘To Stop an Exploding Man…’ shows a rapid maturity and growth from James.

Drawing back on the electronic beats and bringing in a more classical and ambient foundation, piano and strings leading with the electronic, ambient and guitar sounds providing atmospheric support. ‘To Stop an Exploding Man…’ also works as a single piece, narrating a story through the tracks using both the tone of music and sampled words, and is a great accomplishment to achieve this well whilst maintaining the emotional core of the songs.

Tracklisting :
1. Prologue – The Exploding Man
2. Chapter 1 – Fragile Innocence
3. Chapter 2 – Too Late For Redemption
4. Chapter 3 – Lights Out
5. Chapter 4 – Hope is a State of Mind.
6. Chapter 5 – Aftermath
7. Epilogue – I Know Now Why You Cry

Download from here.

Final Light – Lights Out

‘Lights Out’ is the demo EP release from Final Light aka James Morris and displays a different side to the From The Sky guitarist, an electronic beats fused with classical post-rock side.

Taking inspiration from the glitchy instrumental bands of the West and experimental electronica coming out of the East, Final Light mixes ambient piano and synth string sections underneath driving electronic drums and glitch sounds, showcasing a promising future outside of From The Sky for James.

Download from here.

Josh Elliott : These Stars, Our Flame

‘These Stars, Our Flame’ is the second release from Josh Elliott and expands upon the epic mix of electronic post-rock and classical sounds displayed on his debut EP.

Upping the dramatic and progressive flair of the debut, ‘These Stars, Our Flame’ adds layers of guitars, piano, strings and glitch noises atop a forceful electronic drum base.

There is also a CD version of this release available for £2.50 directly from Josh, at this link : http://joshelliott.bigcartel.com.

Download from here.

The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 6

As the year begins to draw itself to a close, we’re wondering how it’s possible that time has passed so quickly at The Silent Ballet over the past ten months. It seems like only yesterday when we were all staring wide-eyed at a brand new year with the biggest hopes for things to come. And even though the year is wrapping up, there’s still much new music to discover and fall in love with.

Volume VI steps back from the post-rock aesthetic and prepares for the impending winter with a diverse collection of tracks that span many genres. We hope a common relaxed theme pervades throughout, one which intrigues the listener but also is capable of accompanying it the multitude of experiences that comprise life’s trials and tribulations. The eclectic roster was selected with precisely this goal in mind.

As always, we ask that our loyal readers do their best to support any artists which many interest them on this compilation. Many thanks go out to the musicians and labels who continually make this series possible. Until next time…

Tracklisting :
1. My Education – Bad Vibrations
2. Last Days – Two Halves of a Line
3. Morning Stalker – Bromden
4. GP 00 – Achromatic
5. Underlapper – Renfeld
6. Strangers Die Every Day – Untitled
7. Building Castles Out of Matchsticks – Smile, Silly Face
8. Beast, Please Be Still – The Guys at the Bar Served Murder for a Nightcap
9. The Shy Trafficker – Ape Will Eat Chicken
10. The Evpatoria Report – Eighteen Robins Road

Download from here

Josh Elliott : In Light Passing

Josh Elliott is a solo artist whose debut EP ‘In Light Passing’ is a powerful, dramatic and emotional blend of sweeping pianos and Glitch loops mixing a classical style with technical progressive music.

Extending from the interludes he performs as part of April Dead and remixing for other artists, Josh has created an Instrumental EP which fans of 65daysofstatic, Maybeshewill and Nine Inch Nails’ more dramatic moments should enjoy.

Tracklisting :
1. Your Hate Love
2. You Can Breathe
3. A Fall To Take Us
4. With this Flame

Download from here.

Moya : Honey Demo

Moya is the ambient works project from Vasil Maronau and ‘Honey Demo’ builds upon the progress from his earlier demos, which are also available for free download from the Moya website www.moyaband.com.

Incorporating classical structures and instruments alongside electronica, Moya creates atmospheric piano-lead compositions with delicate interludes sitting alongside pulsing post-rock tracks for a varied and progressive classical release.

Tracklisting :
1. Introduction
2. Any
3. Nogturne
4. 126-03
5. SP0000
6. Waltz Cvetnih
7. Cydni Etude
8. Friday 113
9. 5tet
10. Hovanschina
11. Op.102
12. James Bomond
13. Op.103
14. Trip tiz
15. Nogturnechik
16. Postlude #8
17. Outroduction

Download from here.

Other great Net Label Releases

Milhaven – bars closing down
Milhaven – I.M. Wagner

Milhaven are a postrock-band from Bochum that comes up with heavy guitar-drones. Comparable to mogwai or do make say think, these guys combine the groove and harsh power of noiserock with unearthly beautiful melodies. No need for a vocalist when you’re able to let your guitars sing!

French Teen Idol – French Teen Idol

Further confounding the frontier between electronica and post-rock, French Teen Idol weaves a fabric of intricate piano figures, impassioned sequences and intriguing samples. Meticulous harmonies and a fine sense of dynamics pervade this self-titled debut album.

Double Handsome Dragons : Double Handsome Dragons 1

We drink tea out of dirty mugs and wish that our hands were warmer. We have to fight daily with potted plants and lawnmowers to get to our instruments. Sometimes they attack us. We have scars. We have a sledgehammer – we smash up old washing machines. The skip is not our friend. We record in bedrooms. We are safe and warm there.


Mr Mitch – Drums and Programmings / Electricity Mitchell – Guitars / Axl Moore – Bass and Hand Piano / The Danimal – Guitars

Track list:

An introduction of sorts
We struggled, they won. Repeat.
I saw Simon dance
Bus trips
Goat & chicken, best of friends
When the rodent attacks…

Recorded in our den May/June 2007

Tracklisting :
1. An introduction of sorts
2. We struggled, they won. repeat
3. I saw Simon dance
4. Bus Trips
5. Goat & Chicken, best of friends
6. When the rodent attacks…

Download from here.

French Teen Idol : Enlightened False Consciousness

“Enlightened False Consciousness” is French Teen Idol’s second release, following the 2005 self-titled debut album.

Melancholic piano patterns, dreamy atmospheres, vocal samples and striking instrumental crescendos, some of the ingredients of French Teen Idol’s debut album, are sill there, enriched by the continuous search for new musical solutions, including a more classical “song-structure” approach in some tracks.

Athens-based band GardenBox and Roman artist Patrizio Piastra collaborated with French Teen Idol on track #2, “The Longest Night”. Other collaborations include Fabrizio Lagani (track #3) and Olalla Rey Fernández (track #5).

Tracklisting :
1. The Following Takes Place Between 0’00” And 57’30”
2. The Longest Night
3. Memento
4. Departure
5. The Fleeting Beauty Of A Butterfly
6. Compromise Your (He)Art
7. Ode To A Departing Friend
8. Enlightened False Consciousness.
9. Stay
10. Rebirth

Download from here.

The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 3

Since the release of Volume II, much has changed at The Silent Ballet. A full website has launched, fulfilling our promise of extensive coverage of current artists working within instrumental and/or experimental frameworks, and the second half of our first year as a new entity on the internet has begun. Time sure does have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

The third volume of The Silent Ballet compilation series aims to show a different side to the website’s coverage. While the first two focused primarily on instrumental rock and post-rock artists, the third compilation makes good on our claim to have interest in experimental artists, and hopefully brings some much needed variety to the series. The scope of this project was much wider than normal – some artists come from an electronic background, others focus on the art of ambience, and still others bring in a jazzy influence. This odd combination of sounds is brought together by a common thread of ”warmth” that is carried across the tracks, arguably suitable for the winter months.

Many thanks go out to the people who made this compilation possible: the artists and labels involved. We do hope some pique the listener’s interests and encourage supporting them in whichever means are deemed appropriate.

Tracklisting :
1. Mr. Wednesday – The Cargo Doors Have Requested Our Cooperation
2. Dilatazione – Wendy Carlos
3. Questions in Dialect – On This Hand
4. Sumner McKane – Hello Hariet or Charlotte, We Love You
5. Jatun – The Temptation of Joy
6. Romance of Young Tigers – Long Withdrawing Roar
7. .cut featuring Gibet – The Orange Line
8. Apeiron Flux – Rain Falling Like Data From a Child
9. Roncatto Braathen – Fugue
10. The American Dollar – DEA
11. Miaou – Anything Goes
12. Qua – Devil Eyes
13. Absent Without Leave – The First Rain
14. worriedaboutsatan – The Last Song (First Song Remix)

Download from here.