The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volumes 10 & 11

Fall 2008 – Spring 2009

We’ve experienced a bit of a lag time between compilations 9 and 12, as our tri-monthly series has stalled out over the past half of a year. To remedy this situation, volumes 10 through 12 will be released in close proximity to one another. That’s right, three great compilations for the price of, well, zero!

No sacrifice in quality has been made to make this possible. We continue to pull from the best and brightest artists we know to offer something fresh and provocative. Listeners will notice a contrast of styles between the three volumes; as always, we attempt to introduce something new in every volume. We believe readers of The Silent Ballet will find plenty to celebrate over the four hours of music.

A big thanks goes out to all the artists and labels who made this project possible. Relevant links can be found below where your support for their music can be demonstrated.

Jordan Volz
The Silent Ballet

Barry Rogers
Lost Children Net Label

Volume 10 Tracklisting :

1. Saxon Shore – Nothing Changes
2. The Autumn Project – This We Take With Us (Pre-Release Mix)
3. Codes in the Clouds – We Anchor in Hope
4. Gifts from Enola – Aves
5. If These Trees Could Talk – What’s in the Ground Belongs to You
6. Motion Turns it On – Lo Pido Con Piedad
7. Bluebridge Quartet – Untitled
8. Anduin + Jasper TX – A Beam of Light Bends Back Upon Itself
9. Paucity – Kingsley
10. From Monument to Masses – Beyond God and Elvis
11. Absent Sound – Before the Knight is Through

Volume 11 Tracklisting :

1. Rhian Sheehan – Standing in Silence Pt. III
2. Danny Norbury – Entrelacs
3. Sunwrae – Chinook Winds
4. Victory and Good Hunting – Mule Comes Home
5. Lawrence English – Watching it Unfold
6. Alexander Turnquist – We Are Magnets
7. FJORDNE – Vivid Memories
8. Startle the Heavens – Pearl
9. The Soul’s Release – Awake Among the Sleeping
10. Milieu – Amb7 v2
11. ::thinkstandard:: – If You are the One to Take Me Home
12. Library Tapes – Slow-Wave Sleep
13. Rameses III – No Water, No Moon
14. Shoeb Ahmad – Belladonna (Starlight Mix)
15. We All Inherit the Moon – Our Hearts Forever Like the Sun Pt. 1

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Northvia – Venice

Inspired by the documentary “Venice: Behind the Mask” by Marco Gentile and Ryan Simon, ‘Venice’ is an attempt to articulate the visual images of Carnival into music. On the surface, Carnival can appear purely driven by entertainment and pleasure. Yet, underneath lie themes of death, rebirth, and social and cultural identity. Northvia explores the darker side of Carnival, hoping to reveal something more behind the mask.

Tracklisting :
1. opener
2. mask
3. double
4. canal
5. elegy
6. dragqueens
7. postqueens
8. penultimate
9. closer

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American Green : Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears

My artist name is “American Green”. It is one of my favorite colours. I started composing music with DAW a few years ago. I played as a drummer in a band before that. This is my first EP. Electric guitar, the keyboard, and other machine parts were used for this EP. I love music such as Post-Rock, Electronica, Ambient, Alternative, Bossa Nova, Emo, Melodic Core, and more. I hope to be making music after this EP that is warmer and more analog. And, I am also producing music by a band called “blend ables”. All of my music project are only available via the Internet at the moment.

About the EP :
1.Leaves And Drops
An easy tune which leads into “Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears” and makes it an easy listen. Therefore, the BPM of these tunes was made the same.
2.Beautiful Rain, Beautiful Tears
This tune is an anti-war tune. I hope for peace.
3.Dance Around April Petals
This tune is Inspired by cherry blossoms.
4.Neighborhood(memo rec.)
I recorded this tune to not forget the phrase hit upon momentarily.
5.Noon And Terracotta
Even I am surprised because a mechanical sound like this works surprisingly well for this tune.
6.The Last Home Room Hour
This tune was made when graduating from my high school and imagining the sound.
This tune is influenced by bossa nova. I did not think that this tune would become so close to pop. And, the flower language of the marigold “lives”. The concept is “Happy life” , “Pleasure where it lives”.

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The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 9

Two years ago The Silent Ballet magazine and the Lost Children Net Label joined forces with the goal of providing a quarterly compilation that operated outside the boundaries of genre stereotypes, consistently promoted new and emerging artists, and released exclusive tracks into the public. Nine compilations later, we’d like to think that this venture has been a success; over one hundred artists have graciously lent a track to a compilation, the series has been downloaded over 70,000 times, and we’ve received great feedback from readers and musicians alike about discovering a new favorite band thanks to the series.

The future looks just as bright as ever. We’re currently planning the tenth volume of the series and we do hear the demands to make these compilations available in physical form. While on one hand we do enjoy the fact that the series is 100% free and does no harm to the environment, we are currently exploring a few projects that may result in a physical CD being created at some point in the future. If there’s one thing you can count on us for, it’s being spontaneous.

As always, a big thanks goes out to all the artists and labels who made this project possible. Relevant links can be found below where your support for their music can be demonstrated. Until next time…

Tracklisting :
1. The Dead Sea – Nulla Desiderata
2. Olafur Arnalds – Fok
3. Anoice – Glitch
4. Bersarin Quartett – Mehr Als Alles Andere
5. Emanuele Errante – Fecunda
6. Peter Broderick – Atlantic
7. The Abbasi Brothers – The Social Evening (In 1992)
8. Sumner McKane – Doris
9. Cam Butler – I Surrender
10. Redhooker – Telling Time
11. Bosques de mi Mente – Nubes Apiladas en Forma de Montaas
12. Rudi Arapahoe – Conversation Piece
13. Joe Frawley – Sketches from Memory

Download from here.

The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 8

After several compilations romping through various related fields, Volume VIII returns to what this compilation series began with in Volume I, bringing the post-rock hits. The current edition brings together tracks from some current albums we’re enjoying at the TSB headquarters and ones that should be making some huge waves come the fall. It’s a compilation we’re proud of and are confident our readers will find enjoyable.

We graciously thank all artists and labels who made this compilation possible. Hopefully all who find this venture worthwhile will look into supporting these artists in whichever way possible. It is our support which enables them to continue creating music that they, and we, love.

Tracklististing :
1. upcdowncleftcrightcabc+start – Get to the Chopper
2. MON – Lukrym
3. New Century Classics – Congratulate You, Where?
4. Because of Ghosts – Dreaming is Essential
5. Tulsa Drone – Wise Blood
6. This is Your Captain Speaking – Lullaby
7. Her Name is Calla – New England
8. Mimas – Cats on Fire
9. What Seas What Shores – Rabunda
10. Glissando – With a Kiss and a Tear
11. Il Rumore del Fiore di Carta – Fallen

Download from here.

Eric Barnett : Parts

Originally created as a sound installation for an art exhibit, ‘Parts’ is a three-disc set designed to be played on three different cd players at the same time. Each cd player should be set to ‘repeat’ at the end of each disc. As all of the cds are a different length, they will repeat at different times, and an ever-changing sonic landscape should result.

All tracks were recorded live using an electric guitar and various looping / delay pedals.

Tracklisting :
Disc 1 – Tracks 1 to 11
Disc 2 – Tracks 1 to 10
Disc 3 – Tracks 1 to 10

Download from here.

Moya : Die Hard

“Mozart + Mono, Chopin + Clann Zu, Dvorak + Do Make Say Think, Grieg + Godspeed You! Black Emperor = Moya”

Moya is a one-man musical project. It started in spring 2005 in Belarus by 19-years Vasil Maronau. Moya’s music is changing and will be changing. ‘Die Hard’ is the second release from Moya on Lost Children and includes the high quality video for the song ‘Die Hard’ which was directed by Denis Markin, featuring actor Eugenii Peschyr.

Tracklisting :
1. Die Hard
2. Light On Bald Mountain
3. Hyundai (Piano Sonata)
4. Stabat Mater
5. Le Sacre Du Printemps
6. Adagio
7. Santana Claus
8. Alcoholics’ Song
9. Malera
10. Monnnight
11. Awakening
12. Improvesation (I)
13. Modern (II)
14. 21-12
15. Hard Die
16. Die Hard : Video

Download from here.