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Inertia Blooms – Cours, Camarade, Le Vieux Monde Est Derriere Toi

Released in 2008 to much critical acclaim, ‘Cours, Camarade…..’ was self recorded in bedrooms and rehearsal spaces between tours. Here are some of the lovely things people have said about it.

‘There are oh so many varied influences within this brilliant little EP, Tool (10,000 Days), Pink Floyd (Dark Side…) and even Deftones (self-titled). For those of you who love not so obvious prog or just something to zone out to I really can’t recommend this enough. 9/10’ – Rockpulse

‘Their mathrock blueprint is fully developed; echoes of Tool, Mogwai and Tortoise run throughout, but there’s a melancholic grandeur about this which is entirely of their own construction. 7/10’ – Teletext/Planet Sound

‘A kind of magic far too rare. You really ought to pick this EP up and, hopefully, experience that magic moment for yourself. This is good stuff, and deserves to be heard. 8/10’ –

Tracklisting :

1. Mega Tsunami
2. Pilgrims & Monuments
3. Mexican’t

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Double Handsome Dragons – A Musical Study of Vicious, Flying Insects

‘A Musical Study of Vicious, Flying Insects’ is Double Handsome Dragons’ second release and was given a limited self-release by the band late last year but is now joining their first EP on Lost Children. If you do want a CD copy there are a few remaining which can be ordered directly from the band here.

Developing their brand of Alternative Instrumental Rock, ‘A Musical Study of Vicious, Flying Insects’ continues to incorporate electronic noodlings into their mix of dynamic harmonising guitars and jarring drums, flicking between discordant staccato sections and driving melodic passages to create a impressive three song EP that continues to show the promise and potential of Double Handsome Dragons.

Tracklisting :
1. Bee
2. Flies & Eggs In His Lungs
3. Jim’s Midnight Ride On The Wasp

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Inertia Blooms – The Past Is Just Behind You

Inertia Blooms are currently in a place between two places.

Full of new material, but concentrating on the last year of degrees. We have re recorded some things that have evolved since we first did them. One is a reworking of a track off the Hostages EP, the other was available on the Scrooge compilation that Robot Professor put out a couple of years back.

You might recognise both of them as the collective last song we usually play at shows. We’ve also found another track down the back of the sofa, it had some lint on it and was next to a shilling. It’s also the first acoustic thing we have released . This is a companion release to our 2008 EP ‘Cours Camarade, Le Viuex Monde Est Derrière Toi’, and it’s name is a partial translation.

Tracklisting :
1. Your Answers Questioned
2. Funny We Should Meet Like This
3. Shine To Cracked Buttons (Acoustic)

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Dawnshape : We Couldn’t Seize A Bit Of Truth

7 Tracks to close an era and open new horizons.
This EP was recorded in 2007 by Greg Hoepffner @ Feels like Home Studio, back when he wasn’t in the band yet…

When people ask us “what kind of music do you make?”, we think for a few seconds and then realize we don’t really know.
“Rock”, I guess? But not too generic? Something that’s trying to surprise you, and put you in soothing state of mind at the same time? Something that feels “real” and “organic”.
You get the picture. And if you don’t, that’s normal : these songs come with a unfinished taste, hence the name. If we couldn’t seize a bit of truth with these tracks, hopefully we will in the future. Yes, we definitely will.

Tracklisting :
1. I Stood Up ’til Day Shows Up
2. Prunus
3. Depicted Intimacy
4. The Thief
5. Dandelions
6. Shone Through
7. Artifact Poetry

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Radius system : Escape / Restart

We’ve been working on this record for almost 3 years. We recorded & mixed it ourselves,
in our Feels Like Home Studio ( For us, this record
is a way to start over as a band, and set new standards to our name. We chose to release
it for free as digital release, because we want the whole world to be able to listen & see it.
So yeah, share it with your friends, through the download link in every place you can, put it
on P2P programs etc… This is an adventure for us, and we’d like everyone to be a part of it !

Each track of the album is associated with an artwork, pointing to a specific moment of the song.
We wanted to give something more than just sounds, and create a whole universe around the album. This is step 1. Step 2 will come in the more distant future (say 2009 ?), as we plan to release a DVD presenting an animated video clip for each track : 46 minutes of film built around the music, plus a few other things probably…

One final thing : because we are very, very happy with this album, we’d like to see it live outside internet & hard drives. If you’re like us, and you still like holding a REAL record in your hands,
taste the REAL uncompressed sound of it in your headphones, feel the printed paper on your fingers…


You never know what might happen next…

Thank you for reading this, we hope you’ll enjoy the ride !


Nous avons travaillé sur cet album pendant presque 3 ans. Nous l’avons enregistré & mixé nous même, dans notre petit “Feels Like Home” Studio ( Pour nous, cet album est une manière de recommencer à 0, et d’établir un nouveaux standard pour notre son. Nous avons choisi de sortir cet album sous forme digitale, et de le mettre en téléchargement gratuit, car nous voulons qu’il soit vécu par le plus grand nombre de personnes possible. L’idée est donc qu’il circule le plus librement possible, et pour cela nous avons besoin de vous… Faites tourner le lien partout où vous pouvez, parlez-en à vos amis, placez-le sur des programmes de téléchargement P2P etc… C’est une aventure pour nous, et nous aimerions que vous en fassiez partie.

Chaque piste de l’album est associée à un artwork, faisant référence à une moment précis du morceau concerné. Nous voulons essayer d’aller au delà de la musique, et créer un univers autour de cet album. Ca, c’est l’étape n°1. L’étape n°2 viendra dans un futur plus lointain (disons 2009 ?), puisque nous projetons de sortir un DVD qui présentera un clip d’animation pour chaque morceau de l’album : au total un film de 46 minutes construit autour de la musique de “Escape / Restart”, et probablement d’autres choses…

Une dernière chose : comme nous sommes vraiment très fiers de cet album, nous aimerions le voir vivre en dehors du virtuel. Si vous êtes comme nous, et que vous aimez tenir un VRAI disque dans vos mains, entendre le VRAI son non-compressé dans votre casque, sentir le papier cartonné sous vos doigts…


On ne sait jamais ce qui pourrait se passer…

Merci d’avoir lu, et bonne écoute !

Tracklisting :
1. Release Chemicals
2. Bestsellers
3. Monochrome
4. Mental Guides
5. Impulsion Pt.1
6. Into Orbit
7. Impulsion Pt.2
8. Not Coming back

Download from here.

Stellardrive : ERS-2

Programmed in 2005, Stellardrive only takes off in 2006 after the crew has been modified, shipping onboard pilots familiar with interstellar space, since some of them used to work on other spaceships such as Aside From A Day (mission planned on 2008) and Gantz which has crashed since. Therefor, the number of hours of flight is not to be counted. The five Stellardrivers [Steph /drums | Florian /guitar & clarinet | Nicolas /guitar | Sebastien / bass & machine | Jean-Charles / guitar & keyboards ] keep on discovering unexplored galactic landscapes, as beautiful as various. Please note that the vocal commands have been voluntary deactivated from the take-off to let enough space for the sound particles caught during the trip. Lead by satelites such as Explosion In The Sky, Red Sparowes and Mono, the spaceship also uses the coordonates left by supernovas such as Mogwai, The Mars Volta, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and so many others. The dark and intimate spaces let suspect huge galaxies, bringing the passengers far from the solar system for a while.

The second EP ‘ERS-2’ was recorded during march 2007 @ Le cube by Yann Morel, Cyril Hentzen and Sebastien Descamps, and is a great progression from the first EP, taking the huge guitar sound and epic song structure then adding big melodic hooks to their new brand of instrumental rock.

Tracklisting :
1. Departure
2. Sagittarius A
3. Turbulences (A nice day to see all the damages done)

Download from here.

Stray Borders : Deletive Expleted

Stray Borders are a Welsh quartet who make “slow-burning, mathematically precise alt-rock experiments that strongly recall the shrill distortion barrages of Sonic Youth”.

‘Deletive Expleted’ is their debut self made and released EP and combines the mathematic elegance of Slint, with the American Alternative Rock of the late 80’s and the subtle, melodic flair of the Smashing Pumpkins. Highly Recommended!

Organ Art‘s ‘Demo of the Week’
Just nice, nice breezy refreshing, clever, uncluttered, simple, uplifting. Stray Borders are from Cardiff, they’re warm and refined, they’re mostly instrumental and when they do bring in the vocals they’re refined and unobtrusive and balanced just right. Stray Borders are a well balance band, I guess you could say they do indeed stray that border between delicate guitar indieness and slightly (very slightly) raw understated post-rock. Ah look we have to mention GodspeedYBE again (not so obvious as most of the others though) and Slint and they’re dipping in to the same waters as the rather fine Truckers Of Husk and Leave The Capital – there’s something happening in those Cardiff waters, it’s almost weekly now – FTS100, those Mayors Of Miyazaki… Stray Borders caress, where have they been, where’d they hide? The sparseness of the vocals add, when they do come in they have a real emotional impact. Three fine progressive tracks, with the eight minutes of “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” just about winning out (close thing though, all three tracks are rather fine). Nice artwork as well, fine hand made block print cover – a band who clearly care

Tracklisting :
1. I Don’t Mind Waiting
2. We Placed Our Lives In The Hands Of Traffic Lights
3. In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

Download from here.