From The Sky – Like Crystal in a World of Glass

From The Sky’s second release, mini-album ‘Like Crystal in a World of Glass’, was originally released in 2006 by Sound Devastation records and was well received for the young band. We now re-release ‘Like Crystal…’ on Lost Children in memory of the now defunct band as an accompaniment for their third release, EP ‘A Warm Place With No Memory’, which is also on Lost Children. For those wishing to purchase a CD version of ‘Like Crystal…’, there are still copies available from Sound Devastation here.

A more upbeat and energetic instrumental rock release than many post-rock releases in 2006, it laid the groundwork for From The Sky’s manic and often chaotic shows which commonly ended with the live favourite ‘Someone To Remember’ and very little of the stage left.

This version of ‘Like Crystal…’ also contains the previously unreleased version of ‘Needle Happy Paediatricians’ as a bonus track.

Tracklisting :

1. Electric Snow
2. When The Sun Sets The Clouds On Fire
3. Position Of The Stars
4. There Are Ghosts In The Glass
5. Someone To Remember
6. Needle Happy Paediatricians

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