Moya : Die Hard

“Mozart + Mono, Chopin + Clann Zu, Dvorak + Do Make Say Think, Grieg + Godspeed You! Black Emperor = Moya”

Moya is a one-man musical project. It started in spring 2005 in Belarus by 19-years Vasil Maronau. Moya’s music is changing and will be changing. ‘Die Hard’ is the second release from Moya on Lost Children and includes the high quality video for the song ‘Die Hard’ which was directed by Denis Markin, featuring actor Eugenii Peschyr.

Tracklisting :
1. Die Hard
2. Light On Bald Mountain
3. Hyundai (Piano Sonata)
4. Stabat Mater
5. Le Sacre Du Printemps
6. Adagio
7. Santana Claus
8. Alcoholics’ Song
9. Malera
10. Monnnight
11. Awakening
12. Improvesation (I)
13. Modern (II)
14. 21-12
15. Hard Die
16. Die Hard : Video

Download from here.

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