Final Light : To Stop an Exploding Man…

‘To Stop an Exploding Man…’ is the first full length release from Final Light aka James Morris and follows on from his recently released demo EP. Despite the relatively short period of time between releases, ‘To Stop an Exploding Man…’ shows a rapid maturity and growth from James.

Drawing back on the electronic beats and bringing in a more classical and ambient foundation, piano and strings leading with the electronic, ambient and guitar sounds providing atmospheric support. ‘To Stop an Exploding Man…’ also works as a single piece, narrating a story through the tracks using both the tone of music and sampled words, and is a great accomplishment to achieve this well whilst maintaining the emotional core of the songs.

Tracklisting :
1. Prologue – The Exploding Man
2. Chapter 1 – Fragile Innocence
3. Chapter 2 – Too Late For Redemption
4. Chapter 3 – Lights Out
5. Chapter 4 – Hope is a State of Mind.
6. Chapter 5 – Aftermath
7. Epilogue – I Know Now Why You Cry

Download from here.

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