Sidearm : Don’t Cry Help Until You’re Dead

Band members:


“Don’t cry help until you’re dead” – words said by the pond on a beautiful summers evening; words that would christen our debut EP. These 5 songs come from two separate recording sessions in 2003/2004. These sessions were some of the best fun we’ve had in our lives. The best times however are when we have the opportunity to play these songs to appreciative folk at various small and intimate venues across the UK.

Someone said this about us once:

“Melodic jump-drop indie crash-out”

We like that description. But have a listen and make up your own mind. Because that’s what we do it for.

Much love

Tracklisting :
1. Follow Augustus, He’s Going To Be King
2. Precede the Map
3. Peach Garden
4. Jeremy’s Parking Only
5. Victim Junkie

Download from here.

One response

  1. Chriso

    I honestly can say as good as the music gets on this site. This is on my list of one of the best bands ever. Keep it up guys and release some more pleeeease 🙂

    November 30, 2007 at 9:35 pm

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