Loss of a Child : Adam and Eve

‘Adam and Eve’ is the third Loss of a Child album and extends upon the subtle math rock, classical structures and epic melodies of the previous two albums. The blending of pianos and strings alongside the heavier guitar, bass and drums provide songs that will grow each time you listen to them, a sound that bring different instruments to the fore in different listening environments, dynamics that improve the sound of the album when played loud, a wall of sound unlike any other.

This is an album that requires many listens before all becomes apparent. Focusing on one instrument throughout a song will add another layer to a separate instrument and there is much to be heard and discovered, each layer making the song’s focus and harmonies clearer. Hope you all enjoy.

Apologies for any ambition shown.

Tracklisting :
1. Adam
2. Path of the Butterfly
3. Change Theory
4. Esh
5. Not Part of the Pride
6. You Write, I Read, Two Different Stories
7. Puppy Conflict
8. Quiet Summer Dreams
9. Lobsang
10. Beauty Will Save The World
11. Eve

Download from here.

You can also now download ‘Adam and Eve’ in full, as it was written and meant to be listened to, along with all other Loss of a Child albums in full from here.

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