Double Handsome Dragons : Double Handsome Dragons 1

We drink tea out of dirty mugs and wish that our hands were warmer. We have to fight daily with potted plants and lawnmowers to get to our instruments. Sometimes they attack us. We have scars. We have a sledgehammer – we smash up old washing machines. The skip is not our friend. We record in bedrooms. We are safe and warm there.


Mr Mitch – Drums and Programmings / Electricity Mitchell – Guitars / Axl Moore – Bass and Hand Piano / The Danimal – Guitars

Track list:

An introduction of sorts
We struggled, they won. Repeat.
I saw Simon dance
Bus trips
Goat & chicken, best of friends
When the rodent attacks…

Recorded in our den May/June 2007

Tracklisting :
1. An introduction of sorts
2. We struggled, they won. repeat
3. I saw Simon dance
4. Bus Trips
5. Goat & Chicken, best of friends
6. When the rodent attacks…

Download from here.

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