The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 4

With Spring in full season in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer just around the corner, The Silent Ballet and Lost Children Net Label present the fourth volume in the the ever evolving Silent Ballet Compilation series. Volume IV focuses on the upbeat energy and feelings that surround this irresistible season, as well as the laid back spirit that accompanies late night stargazing and the freedom intrinsically tied with the first day of Summer vacation.

Additionally, Volume IV continues the tradition of showcasing new, innovative artists emerging onto the larger global scene. Many of these acts are supporting self-released CDs, and we strongly encourage listeners to delve deeper into those musicians that pique an interest. It is through your support that the community thrives.

As the compilation series expands, we at The Silent Ballet are always looking for ways to keep it an exciting experience for our listeners. Within the span of time between this release and the next, The Silent Ballet will turn one year old, and to celebrate we are happy to announce that the second year of our existence will see the release of a physical compilation. Of course, this won’t be just any normal CD, but at this point in time we are not at liberty to divulge more than that….

Tracklisting :
1. Signal Hill – This New Year’s Absence
2. Scraps of Tape – Hands in Air
3. The Bird Ensemble – Part I, Number 4
4. pg.lost – Yes I Am
5. Giants – The Palace Stands in its Proper Place
6. Beware of Safety – O’Canada
7. Amplifier Machine – Her Mouth is an Outlaw
8. Balmorhea – If You Only Knew the Rain
9. Destroyalldreamers – A Summer Without You
10. California Stories Uncovered – Untitled 1
11. Parhelia – Hindsight
12. Tunturia – Cast Shadows on Clouds
13. The Weak Men – We Fell Asleep: Abdomen

Download from here.

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