The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 3

Since the release of Volume II, much has changed at The Silent Ballet. A full website has launched, fulfilling our promise of extensive coverage of current artists working within instrumental and/or experimental frameworks, and the second half of our first year as a new entity on the internet has begun. Time sure does have a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

The third volume of The Silent Ballet compilation series aims to show a different side to the website’s coverage. While the first two focused primarily on instrumental rock and post-rock artists, the third compilation makes good on our claim to have interest in experimental artists, and hopefully brings some much needed variety to the series. The scope of this project was much wider than normal – some artists come from an electronic background, others focus on the art of ambience, and still others bring in a jazzy influence. This odd combination of sounds is brought together by a common thread of ”warmth” that is carried across the tracks, arguably suitable for the winter months.

Many thanks go out to the people who made this compilation possible: the artists and labels involved. We do hope some pique the listener’s interests and encourage supporting them in whichever means are deemed appropriate.

Tracklisting :
1. Mr. Wednesday – The Cargo Doors Have Requested Our Cooperation
2. Dilatazione – Wendy Carlos
3. Questions in Dialect – On This Hand
4. Sumner McKane – Hello Hariet or Charlotte, We Love You
5. Jatun – The Temptation of Joy
6. Romance of Young Tigers – Long Withdrawing Roar
7. .cut featuring Gibet – The Orange Line
8. Apeiron Flux – Rain Falling Like Data From a Child
9. Roncatto Braathen – Fugue
10. The American Dollar – DEA
11. Miaou – Anything Goes
12. Qua – Devil Eyes
13. Absent Without Leave – The First Rain
14. worriedaboutsatan – The Last Song (First Song Remix)

Download from here.

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