Stray Borders : Deletive Expleted

Stray Borders are a Welsh quartet who make “slow-burning, mathematically precise alt-rock experiments that strongly recall the shrill distortion barrages of Sonic Youth”.

‘Deletive Expleted’ is their debut self made and released EP and combines the mathematic elegance of Slint, with the American Alternative Rock of the late 80’s and the subtle, melodic flair of the Smashing Pumpkins. Highly Recommended!

Organ Art‘s ‘Demo of the Week’
Just nice, nice breezy refreshing, clever, uncluttered, simple, uplifting. Stray Borders are from Cardiff, they’re warm and refined, they’re mostly instrumental and when they do bring in the vocals they’re refined and unobtrusive and balanced just right. Stray Borders are a well balance band, I guess you could say they do indeed stray that border between delicate guitar indieness and slightly (very slightly) raw understated post-rock. Ah look we have to mention GodspeedYBE again (not so obvious as most of the others though) and Slint and they’re dipping in to the same waters as the rather fine Truckers Of Husk and Leave The Capital – there’s something happening in those Cardiff waters, it’s almost weekly now – FTS100, those Mayors Of Miyazaki… Stray Borders caress, where have they been, where’d they hide? The sparseness of the vocals add, when they do come in they have a real emotional impact. Three fine progressive tracks, with the eight minutes of “In Case of Emergency Break Glass” just about winning out (close thing though, all three tracks are rather fine). Nice artwork as well, fine hand made block print cover – a band who clearly care

Tracklisting :
1. I Don’t Mind Waiting
2. We Placed Our Lives In The Hands Of Traffic Lights
3. In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

Download from here.

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