Northvia : Sleeping in Airports

“I won’t say that we are lazy, but the new album has been sitting on the shelf for way too long. So here it is, it isn’t perfect, some of the mixes are not quite right, the mastering is sub par, but the music is still above par (in our minds). This album has truly been a lot of work on our part. Recorded in 5 cities, mixed in a few more, and our members being in countless number of places throughout the whole ordeal. So it is quite apropos that we decided to entitle the album Sleeping in Airports before all of this traveling took place. Who knows what will come of NV, but if this is it, we hope that it stays with you in your travels.”

Tracklisting :
1. Night on the Lawn
2. Awake
3. Emergency
4. Air Raid in Threes
5. Red Eye
6. Hours (pt. 1)
7. Hours (pt. 2 – Emergency Reprise)
8. Terminal

Download from here.

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