The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 2

The second volume of The Silent Ballet Compilation series continues where the first left off in its pledge to work hand in hand with independent artists from around the globe. The response to the first volume was huge; unfortunately we are unable to accommodate everyone who would like to be included in the series, but hopefully in due time most will receive a spot in the limelight.

We remain committed to presenting some of the finest emerging artists to the world, offering previews of exciting future releases, and unearthing exclusive and rare tracks for our readers. Of course, all of this is done pro bono, and the existence of this series relies solely on the generosity of the bands and labels involved, whom we encourage you to support if you find the compilation to your liking.

A full version of The Silent Ballet Webzine will be launching later this year. We do hope it satisfies the need for an intermediary resource in this ever populous culture of music.

Tracklisting :
1. Magyar Posse – Intercontinental Hustle
2. God is an Astronaut – Tempus Horizon
3. International Karate – A Night Without Sleep
4. The Ascent of Everest – Moving Mountains
5. All Angels Gone – Stephen H
6. Sweek – A Dead Sleeping Forest
7. From the Sky – When the Sun Sets the Clouds on Fire
8. Atlantis – Constantinople
9. You.May.Die.In.The.Desert – Can I Get More Steel in My
10. Gifts From Enola – Early Morning Ambulance
11. Capulet – Champs

Download from here.


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