Skyhaze : Anthology 2005 – 2006

Skyhaze was formed in the middle of 2005 as a means to produce relaxation music for a local Complimentary Therapist (Venus Light Therapies). As the songs debuted on Myspace, interest in the project increased and the decision was made to make Skyhaze a full-time project. Skyhaze consists solely of Steve Cowan (of FearOfHatred and PlaguesFire fame) who is usually found singing and playing guitar in Death and Black Metal projects.

The first album to be created was ‘Score For An Unwritten Movie’ in late 2005. This was quickly followed by the sophomore effort ‘Evening Songs’ which debuted a more beat-orientated feel. Finally, in 2006 the album ‘The Year That Never’ was created. This was a return to the sound created by ‘Score’ but with greater epic scope.

Due to the popularity of PlaguesFire and FearOfHatred, Skyhaze is on a metaphorical back-burner. However, it is planned that a new album will see release in 2007.

Tracklisting :
1. Fields
2. Pialad
3. Song One
4. Indecisions
5. Oceans Apart
6. Under The Ocean
7. Shore
8. Cold Evening
9. A Vastness
10. Tempted
11. Quieten
12. Air
13. Distant Waves
14. Tortured Song
15. Sorrow
16. Alluring

Download from here.


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