The Silent Ballet Compilation : Volume 1

This compilation was compiled by the Lost Children Net Label and The Silent Ballet, a webzine that has been in the works for quite some time. The Silent Ballet is a webzine that will focus upon instrumental and postrock artists, as well the artists that catch our attention from other genres. Its main goal is to create a stronger instrumental community across the world and to function as a portal that actively brings musicians and listeners into an open discussion. This compilation is a means to formally announce to the world the conception of The Silent Ballet. Expect it to open its doors in full functionality in Fall of 2006, if not sooner, and look to the webpage for more information as the date approaches.

The Lost Children Net Label seeks to distribute music created by artists with humble budgets to all corners of the globe. The cost to the audience is, of course, nothing. Lost Children does not believe that in today’s technological world an artist should be unable to deliver his music to a willing listener just because he does not have suffcient label representation. Music is a joy in all of our lives and no one should be deprived of it.

The meeting of these two forces resulted in a compilation of artists pushing the instrumental and independent scenes in new and creative ways. A big thanks goes out to all the bands and labels involved in this compilations; everyone’s effort is greatly appreciated.

Tracklisting :
1. Caspian – Quovis – Further Up – Further In
2. Samuel Jackson Five – If You Show Off the Milk, Who’s Gonna Buy the Cow?
3. Neil on Impression – Stars Paint the Forest Gold
4. We vs. Death – And How To Translate It
5. Foxhole – Forgiving Monarch
6. Yndi Halda – We Flood Empty Lakes (A Lily remix)
7. Theta Naught – Calneva Drive
8. Joy Wants Eternity – From Embrace to Embrace
9. Once We Were – Cut Corners
10. Mt – Add Obvious Errors
11. UpC DownC LeftC RightC ABC + Start – Simple Reminder (Anger Is Not a Motive)

Download from here.


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