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Loss of a Child : The Future Symphony

An instrumental rock band from London, England, Loss of a Child use pianos, string sections, guitars and drums to create a classically-influenced post-rock noise. With elements boarding on quiet ambience and others with distorted guitars and crashing drums, the ambitious nature with the classical instruments sets Loss of a Child apart from many leftfield acts, producing a hugely epic sound.

The Future Symphony lays “its foundations in more classical notions and scratching the surface with a rough ambient texture. The end result of all this noise is a challenging and thought-provoking dose of coma inducing psycho-therapy. The Future Symphony doesn’t warp the mind like many experimental outfits try to do; but instead they seek to suspend the illusion of reality for a brief moment and embark on a multi-tiered journey through the deepest human memories. It’s not all happy experiences and sunshine, for darker moments litter the way, but it’s a spectacular ride through and through, and one that has unforeseen importance in the modern world of music.” Jordan Volz –

Tracklisting :
1. Gone and Forgotten
2. Lost Like River
3. Burnt by Beautiful Noise
4. Pulse
5. Stolen
6. The Future Symphony
7. One Wish
8. Collision of Two Events
9. 32nd
10. Beau
11. A Talk with a Cat Farmer
12. As In Silent
13. A Subtle Scene

Download from here.